Pure Color Single Fin in Center for Stand Up Paddle Boards - 9" or 10" with No Dirt and No Bubbles inside these SUP Fins

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At SUPSmart we don't just make awesome Paddle Board Accessories; we ride boards everyday so you can always count on products be tested to the fullest extent and ongoing advances whenever improvements are made in advacned technologies like our awesome Fins.

  • CONSTRUCTION: SUPSmart Fins are made with advanced technology using Resin Transfer  Moulding (RTM).  High Quality with Lower Prices.  The Honeycomb Method: Sandwich Glasses a Layer of Honeycomb Foam which Reduces the Weight.  Perfect Outline is made by Machine. No Dirt and Bubbles inside the Fin
  • BASE: Machines cut the Standard Bases with more accurate length and width aiding in a comfortable fit for standard Stand Up Paddle Boards (Same as RTM FIns)
  • MATERIALS: Our Fins are made with Fiberglass, Resin, Carbon Fiber, Net Fiber, Bamboo, Wood, and Honeycomb Foam Core with Imported Fiberglass Resin
  • FIN TYPES: FIN TYPES: To see all of our Fins use these searchable SUPSmart Fins - Solid Black, Honeycomb, Bamboo, Wooden, Pure Color, Half-Carbon, Dual Honeycomb / Carbon and Ultra Light Carbon
  • COLORS: Natural, Smoke, Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Orange, and Purple
  • MOLDING: Aluminum Mold provide accurate shapes avoiding quality control problems with experienced Technicians that also Polish the Surface