Sunrise Paddleboards

10'8 OM Yellow Lime Purple
Epoxy - Yoga Fitness

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Length 10'8     Width    32.5     Height  4.75     Volume 195L     Weight 28lbs


  • Ultra Light High Density Fiberglass EPS Foam Core - Our Secret Recipe for Buoancy
  • Bamboo Sandwich Construction - With our special innovation we can bend the Bamboo Skin over the Board Rail and wrap the entire Board making it much more stiffer resulting in a lighter stronger board
  • UV Protected Resin Coating -  Environmentally Friendly Epoxy adds strength and durability 
  • Top - 3 Layers .5mm Bamboo Sking + 2 Layers of 6 ounce Epoxy
  • Bottom - 3 Layers .5mm Bamboo Skin + 1 Layer 4 ounce Epoxy + 1 Layer 6 Ounce Epoxy
  • Single Concave Bottom
  • Nose and Tail - Built with KEVLAR* to minimize front and rear damages. SUPER IMPORTANT*
  • Rails - Tough and strong Bamboo.  A Huge Competitive Advantage
  • EVA Memory Deck Pad - Conforms to your feet for maximum comfort

Standard Features and Benefits (Dare To Compare)

  • LiftSUP Handle - This is a Patented Handle that is awesome making it the most convenient handle on the market, but it's true value is the versatility that allows the Owner to combine a Locking Cable that is incredibly strong and provides more convenience and safety.
  • 8 Accessory Plugs - We offer 1 of the only boards with 4 Plugs in the Front and 4 Plugs in the Rear.  We've learned that you cannot have too many places for carrying extra items on your board. (Life Jacket, Anchor, Dry Bags, etc....)  Pairs great with SUPSmart Cargo Net
  • 2 CONNEX SUP Mounts - Another Feature that is not found on most boards.  These are interchangeable in order to work with numerous accessory attachments available by many different manufacturers.  Accessories from different factories require various ways to attach them (Camera/Video Mount, Drink Holder, Fish Finder, etx...) Perfect for SUPSmart Speaker
  • Gore Self Adjusting Air Vent - Foam must be able to breath or otherwise it may separate from the Epoxy and cause delamination.  This automatic vent may prevent destruction
  • Leash Plug - We use a strong PVC Block around all of our Plugs. Trust in Experience
  • Fin Box - High quality standard US designed Fin Box built for performance

     Sunrise Paddleboards are Designed in the USA and Manufactured in China using The Best Raw Materials (Carbon, PVC, Kevlar, and Fiberglass).  We are proud to have our own Quality Control Division located in Hong Kong and headed by Diane Xia, who traveled many cities together with Founder, Brian Galton to learn and understand our cultural differences and similarities.  We inspect and then hand select all of our factories for both Sunrise Paddleboards and SupSmart Accessories.  Our Manufacturers produce positive conditions and good factory workers who are experienced and dedicated.  Our mission and goal is to provide great quality at the best possible value and deliver to our customers.

     Our Paddle Board Factory uses an Aku CNC Machine – This insures that every board is the same size and accurate shape contrary to hand shaping that allow mistakes and the possibility for uneven shapes and weight.  While we respect Professional Shapers and appreciate this extraordinary craft, this can be a very time consuming method which converts into much higher cost.  Our machine has the ability to create any given shape and or we can mold a design for anyone or any company.  For Special Request select Contact with your questions.

*KEVLAR FUN FACT - Did you know that in the 1970's Kevlar was used to replace steel in the tires of Racing Cars. Currently, Kevlar has many applications ranging from bicycle tires and racing sails to Body Armour. Because of it's High Tensile Strength-To-Weight Ratio; by this measure it is 5 Times Stronger than Steel.