SUP ATX Youth Adjustable Carbon Fiber Paddle with Graphic: Checkers is Awesome for First Time Youth's on Stand Up Paddle Boards

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The new Youth Adjustable paddle offers top-quality ultra-lightweight carbon fiber construction in an easy to adjust paddle for little people! A smaller blade, size appropriate handle, and narrower shaft make this paddle perfect for children and petite paddlers who are tired of cutting down full size paddles to maintain performance. The 100% carbon fiber blade comes with an ABS edge for increased durability and cool new graphics!

  • ITEM: All Carbon Fiber "Youth Adjustable" SUP Paddle
  • COLOR: Hi-Gloss Black Carbon Fiber Finish w/ Checkers Blade Graphics
  • BLADE WIDTH: 77" total length uncut
  • PADDLE WEIGHT: 19 ounces
  • MATERIALS: 100 Carbon Fiber Construction